About Vory

Welcome to Vory, What’s The Story! I like to call this the “everything blog” because I literally discuss any and everything  that comes to my mind no matter how taboo it is to talk about out loud.  A little about me, I used to blog about 8 years ago but I took a step back due to other events in my life that needed more of my focus.

My inspiration to return back to the world of blogging came from me being in a uncomfortable stage in my life. I needed clarity, a routine, and for once to rely on myself for my own happiness. All the while, sharing my journey with all of you!

So…. with that being said, I am back now and I’m BETTER and ready to share my new experiences, fresh perspectives, and most importantly, inspire you guys. So sit back. Relax, laugh, cry, over-think, and enjoy Vory, What’s The Story.





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